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Hallet André

Liège, Belgium 1890 – 1959 Kisenyi, Rwanda

Belgian Painter

The Water Carriers

Signature: Signed lower left, placed and named on reverse
Medium: Oil on canvas
Dimensions: Image size 100 x 80,5 cm, frame size 120,5 x 100,5 cm

Hallet André was born in the Liege in 1890, emerged as a luminary in the world of Belgian post-impressionist painting. His oeuvre, a testament to his profound talent, has graced the walls of over 60 museums worldwide, including the venerable Louvre in Paris, France.

Hallet’s artistic repertoire was as expansive as it was breathtaking. He wielded his brush with mastery in a multitude of genres, creating enchanting landscapes, bustling cityscapes, serene garden views, captivating marine scenes, evocative genre depictions, and intimate portraits that breathed life onto his canvases.

The journey of André Hallet’s artistry began under the tutelage and guidance of R. Heintz. He honed his craft further at the Academy in Liege.

It was in the South of France that Hallet discovered the transcendent allure of light and the sun, infusing his work with a cheerful and impressionistic burst of color. The vibrant hues of his palette mirrored the radiant landscapes he encountered in Flanders and the Mediterranean, from the sun-kissed shores of Southern France to the picturesque vistas of Italy.

In 1920, Hallet embarked on a new chapter, working in the enchanting city of Bruges before ultimately settling in Leuven. Each location left its mark on his art, contributing to the rich tapestry of his creative journey.

A turning point in Hallet’s life came in 1934 when the Belgian government sent him to Congo. Later, in 1947, he found his home on the shores of Lake Kivu in Kisenyi, present-day Rwanda. It was here that he would spend the remainder of his life, captivated by the mesmerizing beauty of the African landscape. He passed away in 1959, leaving a lasting legacy.

During his time in Africa, Hallet forged a deep connection with Tutsi king Mwambi Matura III of Ruanda-Burundi. This relationship inspired a series of exquisitely detailed portraits, offering a glimpse into the regal splendor of the king’s family and court.

Before his African sojourn, Hallet’s artistic wanderlust led him through the enchanting landscapes of southern France, Naples, Capri, and Sicily during his formative years. This period, known as his “European period,” laid the foundation for his later masterpieces.

Hallet’s most renowned works are those that capture the enchanting essence of Congo and the breathtaking vistas surrounding Lake Kivu in present-day Rwanda. These paintings stand as timeless testaments to his enduring talent.

Today, André Hallet’s artistic legacy lives on in the collections of prominent museums, including the Museum of Brussels, Tournai, Leuven, Liege, Aix-en-Provence, Marseille, Paris, Belgrade, Kaunas, Ottawa, and New York.

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