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Neuquelman Lucien

Paris 1909 – 1988

French Painter

Old Harbor of Honfleur – Normandy

Signature: Signed bottom right
Medium: Oil on board
Dimensions: Image size 50 x 65 cm, frame size 59 x 74 cm

Neuquelman Lucien was born on February 16, 1909 in Paris, France. Throughout his life, he remained dedicated to his craft and lived in his beloved France. Lucien Neuquelman specialized in capturing the beauty of figures, genre scenes, still life, and the enchanting landscapes and cityscapes that defined the essence of his homeland.
From a young age, Lucien Neuquelman displayed an innate passion for painting. He studied at the Toulon School of Fine Arts, where he refined his creative skills.
In 1930, Lucien Neuquelman took a significant step by joining the academy of the Grande Chaumière in the artistic hub of Paris. It was here that fate intertwined his destiny with that of the French artist of Fauvist movement Othon Friesz (Achille-Émile Othon Friesz), who not only became his dear friend but also assumed the role of a mentor. Lucien quickly made a name for himself, with his remarkable creations adorning numerous exhibitions, including one in Paris in 1945.
Lucien Neuquelman held a deep affinity for painting picturesque landscapes in Brittany, evocative maritime scenes, and the bustling vignettes of Parisian life.
This painter wielded a palette of warm colors to infuse his canvases with a luminosity that radiated with life and emotion. His art testified to his ability to capture the essence of his subjects, bringing them to life on the canvas.
In addition, he left an indelible mark with his unforgettable depictions of Honfleur in Normandy. Lucien Neuquelman passed away in 1988. His exquisite creations serve as a timeless reminder of his enduring passion for art and his profound contribution to the world of post-impressionism.

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