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Kuijpers Cornelis

Gorinchem 1864 – 1932 Soest

Dutch Painter

Sunset in a Winter Forest

Signature: signed lower right ‘Cornelis Kuijpers’
Medium: oil on canvas
Dimensions: image size 135 x 96 cm, frame size 148,5 x 116 cm 

Biography: Cornelis Kuijpers is considered part of the later period of the Hague School, known for its distinctive depiction of landscapes. His artistic style strongly echoes that of Willem Maris. Encouraged by his instructors at the Quellinus School in Amsterdam, Kuijpers ventured outdoors with his easel, capturing the beauty of nature. From Rijswijk to the wooded area of Renkum (1898-1910), he painted lush meadows, blossoming orchards, and tranquil waterways in a palette of silver-gray and emerald-green hues.

Together with artists like Théophile de Bock and Charles Dankmeijer, Kuijpers exhibited his works at shows hosted by the Renkum artists’ association, Pictura Veluvensis. His early years were deeply influenced by his father, Jan, a landscape and genre painter. After completing his education at the Quellinus School, Kuijpers further honed his skills in his father’s studio.

Settling in Rijswijk after marriage and the birth of his two sons, Kuijpers continued to find inspiration in the landscapes around The Hague, despite the waning popularity of the Hague School. His forest scenes, painted en plein air, reflected his deep connection to nature. Kuijpers’ late impressionist style, characterized by vibrant greens and grays, set him apart from his contemporaries. He primarily sold his work through the esteemed Amsterdam art dealer Buffa, even garnering recognition and prizes in Spain.

After relocating back to The Hague for his sons’ education, Kuijpers often yearned to return to the Veluwezoom, where he felt most at home among the woods. It wasn’t until the family moved to Soest that his paintings began to showcase the influence of the Hague School, with emphasis on large cloud formations and light effects. Known for his meticulous attention to detail and commitment to excellence, Kuijpers was a respected figure within the art community, active in the Pictura Veluvensis in Renkum. He passed on his passion for painting to his sons, continuing the family legacy of artistic expression. Kuijpers continued to paint actively until his death in 1932.

Notes: Cornelis Kuijpers (1864-1932) was a Dutch painter of the Hague School known for his captivating landscapes. He painted scenes of nature with meticulous detail, often focusing on lush meadows and tranquil waterways. Kuijpers’ work was admired both nationally and internationally, with his paintings prized for their vibrant colors and evocative depictions of Dutch landscapes. He passed on his love for art to his sons and continued to paint until his death in 1932.

from a private British collection

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