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Bosboom Johannes

The Hague 1817 – 1891

Dutch Painters

View of a Mill

Signature: Signed bottom right
Medium: Aquarelle
Dimensions: Image size 29,70 x 22,70 cm, frame size 45 x 38,50

Value: up to 5.000€

Bosboom Johannes, born on February 18, 1817, in The Hague, was a Dutch painter and watercolorist associated with the renowned Hague School. He is celebrated for his remarkable depictions of church interiors, a genre that set him apart in the world of art.

At the tender age of 14, Bosboom began his artistic journey under the guidance of the esteemed master teacher and artist Bartholomeus van Hove (1790 – 1880). In Van Hove’s studio, he had the privilege of working alongside Van Hove’s son, Hubertus van Hove (1790 – 1880), honing his skills and nurturing his talent.

Bosboom’s pursuit of artistic excellence led him to the hallowed halls of the The Hague Academy of Fine Arts, where he established strong connections with fellow artists such as Anthonie Waldorp (1802 – 1866) and Wijnand Nuijen (1813 – 1839).

In 1835, Bosboom embarked on a journey through Germany, visiting Düsseldorf, Cologne, and Koblenz. During this time, he immersed himself in the art of watercolors, further enriching his artistic repertoire.

The year 1839 saw Bosboom’s artistic pursuits taking him to the vibrant art scenes of Paris and Rouen. It was in Rouen that he earned a prestigious silver medal for his exquisite portrayal of “View of Paris and the Cathedral at Rouen.”

Bosboom’s choice of subjects, particularly his church interiors, set him apart from his contemporaries within the Hague School. However, his ability to capture the interplay of light, shadow, and nuanced colors firmly placed him in the mainstream of this artistic movement. His traditional church interiors, inspired by the great seventeenth-century artists, garnered significant acclaim and secured his place among the most celebrated artists of his time.

In 1873, during a sojourn in Scheveningen, Bosboom’s artistic gaze shifted to the picturesque town views, dunes, beaches, and the sea. His watercolors from this period stand as a testament to his versatility and keen eye for detail.

Johannes Bosboom’s remarkable journey in the world of art concluded on September 14, 1891, in his hometown of The Hague. Today, his works grace both private and public collections, including several pieces showcased in the esteemed Rijksmuseum of Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Johannes Bosboom’s legacy endures as a testament to his ability to capture the serene beauty of church interiors and the picturesque landscapes of his beloved Dutch homeland.

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