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Haseleer François Joseph

Brussels 1804 – 1890

Belgian Painter

The Fireplace

Signature: Signed bottom right
Medium: Oil on panel
Dimensions: Image size 55 x 42,50 cm, frame size 78 x 65 cm

Haseleer François Joseph Corneille was born on August 10, 1804, in Brussels, Belgium. He was a Belgian painter, renowned for his portraits, historical scenes, and enchanting genre scenes, all steeped in the neoclassical tradition.

François Haseleer’s artistic lineage was remarkable; he was the son of genre scenes painter Joseph Haseleer. Guided by a passion for the arts and inspired by the great Belgian neoclassical painter François-Joseph Navez, known for his mastery of portraits and genre scenes, young François Joseph studied at the Brussels School of Art. There, he refined his skills under the guidance of influential figures.

Throughout his long and illustrious life, François Joseph Haseleer’s artistic talents continued to flourish. His dedication to the neoclassical style, characterized by reverence for classical antiquity and timeless elegance, became the hallmark of his work.

François Joseph passed away in 1890 in Brussels, leaving behind 86 years of artistic brilliance and creativity.

His legacy lives on through the enduring beauty of his works, which have found a home in esteemed museums across Europe. In the Mainz Museum, Germany, one can admire his captivating “Portrait of Society,” while the Amsterdam Municipal Museum, The Netherlands, houses his masterful depiction of “The Council-Room of the Bruges Town Hall.” In the Mons Museum, Belgium, visitors are treated to the enchanting “The Presentation in the Temple” and the poignant “Young Lady Sealing a Letter.” Additionally, his art graces the Brussels Museum.

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