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Verboeckhoven Eugène Joseph

Verwée Louis-Pierre

Belgian Painters, Romantic School

Verboeckhoven Eugène Joseph

Warneton 1798 – 1881 Brussels

Verwee Louis Pierre

Courtrai 1807 – 1877 Brussels

Shepherd with Sheep in Panoramic Summer Landscape

Signature: Signed by both artists bottom right
Medium: Oil on canvas
Dimensions: Image size 60,50 x 72,5 cm, frame size 85 x 97 cm

Verboeckhoven Eugène Joseph was born on June 9, 1798, in Warneton, Belgium. He was a painter of animals, animated landscapes and portraits. He was also a sculptor, engraver and lithographer.

Eugène Verboeckhoven was a pupil of his father, Bartholomew Verboeckhoven, a sculptor. In 1816 he worked under a sculptor Albert Joseph Voituron ( 1787 – 1847) in Ghent, where he exhibited from 1820 onwards. He travelled for his work intensively in the Ardennes and in some regions of France. He visited repeatedly England, Germany, France and Italy.

Verboeckhoven played an important part in the Belgian Revolution of 1830 and was appointed General Director of the Brussels Museum. He acquired great fame and gained a high reputation. After these events Verboeckhoven was regarded as the most important ‘Maître Animalier Flamand’ and this until his death. His animal scenes provided him a series of awards and medals. He acquired great fame and had high reputation. Every national or town museum has at least one or more of his works in their possession.

He was asked to decorate the paintings of an artists such as Jean-Baptiste De Jonghe, Pierre François De Noter, Barend Koekkoek, Edouard Delvaux, Alexander Joseph Daiwaille, Frans Kheelhoff, François Verheyden.

Louis-Pierre Verwée and the brothers Charles and Edmond Tschaggeny were his followers.

Painter died on January 19, 1881 in Schaerbeek. Today, his paintings can be found worldwide in private and public collections, including in the Museums of Brussels, Leuven, Antwerp, Liège, Ghent, Courtrai, Lier, Turnhout, Verviers (Belgium), Luxemburg, Valenciennes (Spain), Amsterdam (The Netherlands), Paris (France), Detroit, New York (USA), Saint-Petersburg (Russia).


Verwee Louis Pierre was born on March 19, 1807 in Courtrai, Belgium. He was a painter of landscapes and animals.

Louis-Pierre Verwée was the father of animal painter Alfred Verwée. He was a pupil at the Courtrai Art School and was mentored by Jean-Baptiste De Jonghe.

He admired Verboeckhoven’s work and he managed to work at the studio of Verboeckhoven in Ghent and later in Brussels. The painters worked together for quite some time and several paintings were signed by both artists as a result. His early works are similar to those of his master Verboeckhoven, to the extent that it is often difficult to distinguish their work. Verboeckhoven sometimes painted the figures and animals in Verwee’s pictures.

Verwée’s preferred subjects were winter and summer scenes, often filled in with figures and animals, painted by his master and friend Eugène Verboeckhoven.

He participated in several exhibitions in Bruges, Ghent, Courtrai, Brussels and Paris. He was very successful. He travelled through France, Germany, Netherlands and Great Britain, where he stayed for a long time in London.

Painter died in November, 1877 in Schaerbeek. Paintings by Verwée can be found in many public and private collections. His work is also represented in the Belgian State Museum in Brussels, Municipal Museum in Ypres, Musée des Beaux-Arts in Dijon, Museum of Antiquities and Decorative and Fine Arts in Courtrai, John Selbach Museum in Maaseik (landscape with animal representations by Eugène Verboeckhoven).

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