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Cassiers Henri

Antwerp 1858 – 1944 Ixelles

Belgian Painter

A Village Scene

Signature: Signed bottom left
Medium: Mixed Media
Dimensions: Image size 24 x 30 cm, frame size 44 x 50 cm

Value: up to 5.000€

Cassiers Henry, born on August 11, 1858, in Antwerp, Belgium, was a renowned Belgian artist known for his diverse talents. He excelled as a painter, particularly in landscapes, urban scenes, and seascapes. His artistic skills also extended to etching and illustration. His work was known for its rich variety and the intriguing blend of illusion and semi-reality.

Cassiers initially studied architecture at the Academy of Fine Arts in his hometown. He received guidance from the accomplished artist Henry Stacquet (1838 – 1906) and continued his education at the Academy of Fine Arts in Sint-Joost-ten-Node, broadening his artistic horizons.

Cassiers quickly developed a distinctive style characterized by maritime vistas, bustling cityscapes, and quaint village scenes, often inspired by Flanders and the Netherlands. He had a particular fascination with Dutch traditions, especially those of Zeeland and Katwijk, which influenced many of his artworks.

Beyond painting, Cassiers ventured into book illustration, creating beautifully illustrated deluxe books that became highly sought after by book enthusiasts. He also contributed illustrations to popular weekly magazines from 1886 to 1893.

An active member of the artistic community, Cassiers was part of the Belgian artists association Les Hydrophiles and served as the president of the Royal Belgian Aquarellists Society. In 1994, his extensive artistic contributions were celebrated with a retrospective at the Museum Vleeshuis in Antwerp.

Henry Cassiers passed away on February 27, 1944, in Ixelles, Belgium. Today, his works can be found in esteemed public and private collections worldwide. His realistic yet charming artistic style, marked by a sense of delicacy, continues to captivate art enthusiasts. His artworks are displayed in notable public collections, including the Brussels Museum, Antwerp Museum, Bruges Museum, and the Katwijks Museum, where they continue to inspire art lovers of all backgrounds.

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