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Boudry Alös

Ypres 1851 – 1931 Antwerpen

Belgian Painter

Boy and Donkey

Signature: Signed lower right and dated 07
Medium: Oil on canvas
Dimensions: Image size 80 x 60 cm, frame size 103 x 83 cm

Boudry Aloïs, born on August 12, 1851, in Belgium, was a talented painter renowned for his ability to breathe life into portraits, still lifes, and interiors. His artistic lineage extended through generations, with his son Robert (1872-1961) and grandson Paul (1913-1976) both following in his footsteps as painters. The tradition persists today in the form of his great-granddaughter, Nele, a gifted painter based in Ghent.

Boudry’s artistic journey began with formal education at the art schools in Ypres and Roeselare, culminating in his enrollment at the prestigious Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. Here, under the tutelage of notable teachers such as Nicaise De Keyser and Jozef Van Lerius, Boudry honed his craft and laid the foundation for his future success.

In 1885, Boudry joined the “Als ik Kan” (If I Can) association, a collective of visual artists dedicated to preserving and promoting traditional artistic techniques. His commitment to these methods would become a hallmark of his work.

A significant milestone in Boudry’s career came in 1910 when he participated in the “Brussels International 1910” exposition, where he was honored with a silver medal. His artistic prowess gained recognition, and his reputation soared.

Not only did Boudry excel in painting, but he also demonstrated his versatility by creating iconic promotional posters for the seaside resort of Knokke-Heist in 1913. These posters became widely recognized and celebrated, showcasing his ability to capture the allure of coastal living.

When World War I erupted, Boudry sought refuge in England, where he established himself as a distinguished portraitist. In 1917, he ventured to Italy, patiently awaiting the war’s end before returning to his beloved Belgium.

Throughout his artistic career, Boudry possessed a unique affinity for portraying humble individuals, finding beauty and dignity in their everyday lives. His depictions of Nieuwpoort’s fishermen, in particular, struck a chord with art enthusiasts. Many of these captivating works can be admired at the National Fishery Museum in Oostduinkerke.

Aloïs Boudry’s passion for painting remained steadfast until the end of his days. He passed away in Ypres on November 27, 1938, leaving behind a rich legacy of art that continues to inspire and resonate with audiences. His ability to infuse his subjects with life and humanity endures as a testament to his enduring contribution to the world of art.

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