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Mulet y Claver Vicente

1897 – Valencia – 1945

Spanish Painter

Gathering fruit and flowers

Signature: signed lower right 'V Mulet' and with the artist's monogram, circa 1930
Medium: oil on canvas
Dimensions: image size 55 x 49 cm, frame size 71,5 x 65,5 cm

Vicente Mulet y Claver was a Spanish painter born in Valencia in 1897 and passed away in 1945. He is known for his evocative and detailed depictions of Valencian country life, often featuring children in pastoral settings, a style that aligns with pre-Raphaelite influences he may have encountered during a stay in London​.
Mulet y Claver’s works were primarily focused on capturing the simplicity and beauty of rural life in Spain, characterized by a meticulous attention to detail and a vibrant use of color. His paintings often depicted children with vegetables, flowers, or birds, embodying a nostalgic and idyllic view of the countryside. One notable example of his work is “Retrato de niño con aves” (Portrait of a Boy with Birds), which was painted in 1941​​.

Throughout his career, Mulet y Claver’s works were exhibited and sold at various prestigious galleries and auctions. His paintings have been featured in exhibitions at the Richard Norton Gallery in Chicago.

Despite his relatively short life, Vicente Mulet y Claver made a significant impact in the Spanish art scene with his charming and detailed representations of rural life, leaving behind a legacy appreciated by collectors and art enthusiasts worldwide​​.

Newhouse Galleries, Philadelphia; private collection; to the former owner, a private collection, Pennsylvania, USA in 1984 . 

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