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Meijer Johan Hendrik Louis

Amsterdam 1809 – 1866 Utrecht

Dutch Painter

Fishermen’s Cove with two fishing boats  on the beach

Signature: signed lower right ‘L Meijer’
Medium: oil on panel
Dimensions: image size 35,5 x 46,5 cm, frame size 51 x 62 cm 

Louis Meijer, born on March 9, 1809, in Amsterdam and passing away on March 31, 1866, in Utrecht, was a renowned Dutch painter, printmaker, and draftsman, primarily celebrated for his masterful seascapes.

Johan Hendrik Louis Meijer received his training under esteemed artists such as George Pieter Westenberg and Jan Willem Pieneman. His artistic work was heavily influenced by the Dutch Romanticism that dominated the Dutch art scene in the first half of the 19th century. Meijer’s repertoire included landscapes, but he gained particular acclaim for his splendid seascapes, capturing the untamed power of the ocean. He resided and worked in Deventer for an extended period. In 1841, he departed for Paris and later established himself in The Hague, where his artistic vision continued to evolve and refine.

In addition to his own artistic pursuits, Meijer shared his knowledge and skills with the next generation, including his pupil Matthijs Maris, who would later become a renowned painter in his own right. His influence extended beyond his own artistic achievements, and his legacy lives on through the work of the artists he inspired.

Louis Meijer passed away at the age of 57 in Utrecht, leaving an indelible mark on Dutch art history. His masterpieces are preserved in various public collections, including the Museum Jan Cunen in Oss and the Dordrechts Museum in Dordrecht, serving as a lasting reminder of his extraordinary talent and invaluable contribution to the art world.

Notes: Dutch painter known for his seascapes. Influenced by Dutch Romanticism, he trained under notable artists like George Pieter Westenberg. He gained acclaim for capturing the ocean’s power and lived in Deventer before moving to Paris and The Hague. Meijer, who mentored artists like Matthijs Maris, left a significant impact on Dutch art. His works are held in collections like the Museum Jan Cunen and the Dordrechts Museum, preserving his legacy.

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