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Clesse Louis

Brussels 1889 –  1961

Belgian Painter

Landscape with a Bridge of Saint Nicolas in Chiny

Signature: Signed bottom right
Medium: Oil on panel
Dimensions: Image size 40 x 50 cm, frame size 53 x 63 cm

Value: up to 5.000€

Clesse Louis Liévin Théophile, born on June 15, 1889, in Ixelles, Brussels, was a Belgian artist celebrated for his Post-Impressionist and Realist paintings. His artistic repertoire included landscapes, seascapes, still lifes, and portraits.

Clesse embarked on his artistic journey at the Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels, where he received valuable guidance and encouragement from accomplished artists like Alfred Bastien (1873 – 1955) and Emile Clause (1849 – 1924).

In his art, Clesse chose to convey emotions rather than focusing on strict realism. His approach was subjective, delving into the essence of each image. His paintings were characterized by vivid colors and distinctive brushstrokes, often with a thick application of paint.

His artistic debut took place at the Brussels Triennial Salon in 1907. He was particularly drawn to the Sonian Forest, the Zenne Valley, and West-Flanders, where he found inspiration along the canals. During the summers, he worked in Oudergem, and from 1932 onwards, he frequently stayed in Oudenburg in his studio. It was from there that he explored and captured the beauty of the coast, harbors, countryside, villages, and Bruges.

In recognition of his contributions, Clesse was granted honorary citizenship of Auderghem in 1959. He was an active member of the Cercle Artistique et Littéraire (Cercle Gaulois) and also participated in the acquisition committee of the Museum of Brussels. A victory column in the gardens of Ter Kameren stands as a testament to his legacy. Additionally, he was a founding member of the “Association of Belgian Professional Artists.”

Louis Liévin Théophile Clesse passed away on February 9, 1961, in his hometown of Elsene, Brussels. Today, his remarkable artworks can be found in both private and public collections across the world, including museums in Antwerp, Brussels, Elsene, Schaerbeek, Ostend, and Charleroi in Belgium, as well as in international locations such as Reims in France, Algiers in Algeria, Cairo in Egypt, Kaunas in Lithuania, Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, San Francisco in California, and Tokyo in Japan.


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Panoramic view of Chiny, Belgium with a bridge St Nicolas in the background, in the front old windmill where a restaurant "Le Mulin Cambier" can be found.

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