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Limouse Roger Marcel

Collo, Algeria 1894 – 1989 Paris

French Painter

Interior with Flowers – Nature Morte

Signature: Signed top right, on revers signed, dated 1957 and titled “Exposition Nice N6, Nature Morte”
Medium: Oil on canvas
Dimensions: Image size 95 x 116 cm, frame size 110 x 131 cm

Limouse Roger Marcel, born on October 18, 1894, in Collo, Algeria, evolved into a distinguished French painter under the mentorship of Paul Albert Laurens at the Académie Julian. Renowned for his vibrant Fauvist style, Limouse was the senior member of the poetic reality painters, contributing significantly to the École de Paris.

Raised in Algeria and Tunisia, Limouse’s artistic journey began in Paris in 1919, where he honed his craft under Laurens. His colorful figurative artworks captivated audiences, leading to recognition in prestigious salons.

Elected to Salon d’Automne in 1933, Limouse continued to exhibit regularly at notable venues. His artistic achievements were further acknowledged in 1933 when he received the Prix des Vikings, enabling exploration in Norway, the Netherlands, and Belgium.

Jacques de Laprade praised Limouse’s powerful personality in 1943, and in 1948, he became a professor at the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris. Limouse’s contributions to the colorful and intimate figurative style were acknowledged in Gisèle d’Assailly’s book “Avec les Peintres de la réalité poétique.”

Limouse’s wanderlust took him to the Mediterranean, leaving an artistic imprint on Italy, Spain, Morocco, and Madagascar. His residences in southern France and extended stays in Morocco showcase his profound connection with diverse landscapes.

From illustrating catalogs for Maison Nicolas to crafting menus for the France ocean liner, Limouse’s artistic versatility shone through. The Limouse Foundation in Chester, England, established in 1985, commemorates his illustrations for Charles Baudelaire’s “Les Fleurs du Mal.”

Roger Limouse passed away on December 31, 1989, at the age of 95, leaving a lasting legacy as a masterful French painter celebrated for his vivid and poetic contributions to the art world. The Limouse Museum of the Flowers of Evil in Chester pays homage to his artistic journey.

The painting "Interior with Flowers - Nature Morte," created by Roger Marcel Limouse, a Fauvist painter, has a documented exhibition history. The artwork was prominently displayed in an exposition in Nice in 1957. The piece is signed by the artist at the top right. Additionally, on the reverse side of the painting, there is another signature along with the date 1957, and the title "Exposition Nice N6, Nature Morte" is specified. This exhibition provide insight into the painting's history and context, offering a glimpse into its presence in the art world during the specified period.

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