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Jacquet Gustave Jean

1846 – Paris – 1909

French Painter

La Belle en Bleu

Signature: signed middle right 'G Jacquet'
Medium: pastel on paper mounted on canvas
Dimensions: image size 46 x 38 cm, frame size 60 x 52 cm

Gustave Jean Jacquet, born on May 25, 1846, in the vibrant city of Paris, France, was a celebrated French painter known primarily for his exquisite female portraits and genre works in an academic style. As a talented protégé of the renowned William Bouguereau, Jacquet developed an impressive artistic mastery at a young age.

At the tender age of nineteen, Gustave Jean Jacquet made his debut at the Paris Salon, where he would later exhibit repeatedly. His extraordinary talent and dedication were recognized with a gold medal in 1875, and he participated in the Paris World Exhibition in 1878, showcasing his artistic finesse to an international audience.

The continuous support of the affluent Parisian bourgeoisie not only brought Jacquet financial prosperity but also enabled him to broaden his horizons through study trips to picturesque destinations such as Italy, Germany, and England. His travels enriched his artistic vision and added an extra dimension to his already refined work.

While Jacquet was primarily known for his elegant female portraits, which reflected his meticulous attention to aesthetics, he also painted a significant number of genre works with military themes in his early years. However, by the end of the 19th century, his style was considered outdated, causing his work to fall out of favor with art critics and the public. Nevertheless, his work has recently been rediscovered and experienced a resurgence at auctions, with his painting “La bienvenue” from 1892 fetching as much as $361,000 at Sotheby’s in 2007.

In 1879, Jacquet was honored with induction into the Legion of Honour, a recognition of his extraordinary contribution to the world of art. On July 12, 1909, at the age of 65, he passed away in his hometown of Paris, leaving behind a lasting legacy of artistic magnificence. His masterpieces can be admired in prominent art galleries and museums around the world, including the Manchester City Galleries, the Cincinnati Art Museum, the Brooklyn Museum in New York, and the Figge Art Museum in Davenport, Iowa. One of his famous works, “Le départ des lansquenets,” adorns the Château de Blois, a valuable gift from the French state that he created in 1868.

Notes: Gustave Jean Jacquet (1846-1909), born in Paris, France, was a renowned French painter known for his exquisite female portraits and genre works. Mentored by William Bouguereau, he debuted at the Paris Salon at nineteen and won a gold medal in 1875. His travels to Italy, Germany, and England enriched his artistry.  Inducted into the Legion of Honour in 1879, Jacquet passed away in Paris at 65, leaving behind a lasting legacy. His masterpieces adorn galleries worldwide, including the Château de Blois and museums in Manchester, Cincinnati, Brooklyn, and Davenport.

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