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Chauvelon Gabriel

Nantes 1875 – ?

French Painter

Riverside Village – Port of Tréboul, Bretagne

Signature: Signed bottom left
Medium: Oil on canvas
Dimensions: Image size 90 x 130 cm, frame size 106 x 146 cm

Chauvelon Gabriel, born in 1875 in Nantes, France, was a painter who captured the rustic life of Northern France with his artistry. He painted the energetic figures of Breton women and the serene landscapes of the northern coast of Brittany, offering a glimpse into the beauty of this region.

The Island of Bréhat held a special place in Chauvelon’s heart, inspiring him to create vivid and realistic landscapes. It was on this island that he had the opportunity to meet Symbolist artists who sought solace and inspiration in its tranquil surroundings. Among his fellow artists were Henri-Paul Mottez (1855-1937), Alexandre Séon (1855-1917), and Ary Renan (1857-1900), all of whom were prominent figures in the Symbolist art movement.

Chauvelon’s artistic style was diverse, with some of his works employing a pointillist technique, a method of painting using tiny dots to create a larger image.

While he spent time on the Island of Bréhat, Chauvelon’s heart leaned toward the beauty of South Finistère, including places like Camaret-sur-Mer, Quimperlé, and Tréboul in Western Brittany.

He was an active member of the Salon des Artistes Français, where he regularly exhibited his work. In 1923, he achieved great success at the Salon with his painting titled “A view of the Port-Clos in Bréhat.” He continued to display his artistry at the Salon des Artistes Indépendants in 1924.

Today, Chauvelon’s artworks can be found in public and private collections all around the world. Through his paintings, he transports us to the charming atmosphere of Northern France, inviting us to journey across its waters and landscapes time and time again.

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