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Swyncop Charles

Brussels 1895 – 1970

Belgian Painter

White and Pink Peonies in Vase

Signature: Signed top left
Medium: Oil on canvas
Dimensions: Image size 46 x 38 cm, frame size 64 x 56 cm

Swyncop Charles  was born in Brussels on March 21, 1895 emerged as a distinguished Belgian painter during the first half of the 20th century, leaving an indelible mark on the art world with his vibrant and captivating works. Born into a family with a passion for art, Charles inherited his artistic inclination from his older brother, Philippe Swyncop, who served as his first painting mentor.

As a young artist, Charles Swyncop delved into various genres, showcasing his versatility as a painter. He painted landscapes, city views, seascapes, still lifes, flowers, children, genre scenes, figures (particularly Spanish beauties), and portraits. His early education at the Academy of Brussels under the guidance of notable teachers such as Jean Delville, Herman Richir, and Alfred Bastien laid the foundation for his artistic prowess. The influence of his studies in Rome and Venice, where he immersed himself in iconography and the techniques of the great masters, became apparent in his later works.

In 1920, Swyncop played a pivotal role as assistant to his teacher Alfred Bastien in creating the panoramic masterpiece, “Panorama de l’Yser.” This collaboration, alongside painters like Charles Léonard and Jef Bonheur, showcased his dedication to large-scale and impactful artworks. The painting, initially exhibited in the mosque of the Cinquantenaire Park in Brussels, later found a permanent home in Ostend, though it suffered severe damage during World War II.

Throughout his career, Swyncop’s artistic journey intersected with Spain, much like his brother Philippe. However, Charles brought a unique touch to his paintings, employing subtle and spontaneous brushstrokes reminiscent of the French Fauvists. His colorful sea views echoed the influences of Henri Matisse and André Derain, setting him apart in the art scene.

In 1930, Charles Swyncop’s talent garnered recognition when he was commissioned by the Ministry of Colonies to create decorative panels for the World Fair in Antwerp. A testament to his artistic contributions, Swyncop became a member of the esteemed group ‘La Lierre,’ showcasing his works alongside prominent artists like Alfred Bastien, Julius Brouwers, and Henri De Clerck in their annual exhibitions.

Beyond his prolific career as an artist, Swyncop dedicated himself to nurturing the next generation of talents as a teacher at the art academy of Brussels from 1938 until his passing in 1970. His legacy endures through the charming and lively works that grace the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium, each canvas reflecting the spirit of an artist who blended classical training with a modern, Fauvist-inspired approach.

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