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Poreau Oswald

Brussels 1877 –  1955 Waterloo

Belgian Painter


Signature: Signed top right, dated 1946; on revers signed, named and dated
Medium: Oil on canvas laid down on panel
Dimensions: Image size 39 x 46 cm, frame size 54 x 62 cm

Poreau Oswald, born on April 19, 1877, in Schaerbeek (Brussels), was a distinguished Belgian figurative painter whose artistic legacy spans a diverse range of subjects. His preference for still lifes, flowers, landscapes, industrial sites, harbors, sea and beach scenes, along with striking portraits and scenes with characters, showcased his versatility as an artist. Additionally, Poreau left a notable imprint as an etcher, lithographer, and monoprint creator, demonstrating a mastery of various artistic mediums.

Initially guided by family friend Joseph Quinaux, Poreau pursued formal studies at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels from 1895 to 1900 under the mentorship of Joseph Stallaerts, a renowned teacher and artist. Despite facing resistance from his father, Poreau’s commitment to architecture, drawing, and painting flourished during his time at the academy.

In 1904, he participated in the prestigious Triennial Antwerp exhibition, marking a significant moment in his career. Following his marriage to a musician in 1905, Poreau briefly shifted his focus to music and settled in Paris, where he worked in the artistic community of Barbizon. Subsequently, he embarked on extensive travels to Germany, England, and particularly France, drawing inspiration from various landscapes and cultures.

Returning to Belgium, Poreau’s paintings captured the essence of his homeland, exploring coastal scenes, the banks of the Scheldt, Antwerp docks, and industrial landscapes of the Borings. Amidst personal challenges, including his wife’s prolonged illness, Poreau found solace and support in Yvonne Vonnot-Viollet, a musician and painter.

In 1952, Poreau exhibited his works at the town hall of Schaerbeek, contributing to the recognition of his artistic achievements. He passed away on December 5, 1955, in Waterloo, leaving behind a legacy celebrated not only in Belgium but internationally. His paintings are housed in esteemed collections, including those of the Royal family of Belgium, the State, and various museums in Brussels, Schaerbeek, Mons, Bergen, Temse (Belgium), and Mulhouse (France). Poreau’s influence extends to private collections in Europe, the UK, and the USA.

To honor his memory, a monument embellished with a bas-relief by René Cliquet was erected in the Josaphat Park in Schaerbeek, a fitting tribute to Oswald Poreau’s enduring contribution to the world of art.

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