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De Frick Paul

1864 – Paris – 1935

French Painter

A Lady playing with a Cat

Signature: signed lower left and dated ‘P. de Frick. 96’
Medium: oil on canvas
Dimensions: image size 46 x 55 cm, frame size 74,5 x 84 cm 

Born in the heart of Paris in 1864, Paul de Frick was destined to leave his mark on the world of art. Trained under the watchful eyes of Gustave Boulanger and Luc Olivier Merson, he honed his craft, eventually finding his voice in the post-impressionist movement.

Paul’s paintings, infused with a touch of poetic surrealism, drew admirers from far and wide. His work, often exhibited at La Société des Artistes Français, earned him recognition, including an honorable mention in 1914.

What set Paul apart was his ability to infuse ordinary scenes with extraordinary emotion. His canvases whispered stories, inviting viewers to lose themselves in worlds both real and imagined.

Even after his passing in 1935, Paul de Frick’s legacy lives on, a testament to his timeless vision and unwavering commitment to the beauty of art.

Notes: Born in 1864 in Paris, Paul de Frick embraced post-impressionism, infusing his works with poetic detail. He exhibited at La Société des Artistes Français, earning acclaim, including an honourable mention in 1914. Known for evoking emotion in his paintings, he left a lasting legacy upon his death in 1935.

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