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Still Life with Silver, Porcelain and Fruit

by Desportes Alexandre

Champigneulles 1661 – Paris 1743 

French School

Dimensions: Image size 53 x 42 cm, frame size 69,50 x 58,50 cm
Signature: Not signed
Medium: Oil on canvas

Value: 10.000€ - 20.000€

Desportes Alexandre François was born in 1661 in Champigneulle, France.

At the age of twelve, Desportes was sent by his father to Paris to study painting. He learned to carefully observe nature for his works. Desportes trained in Paris in the Flemish tradition of animal painting. In 1695 he accepted an invitation from the French ambassador to Poland to paint royal portraits at the Polish court.

He decided that there was a more lucrative market for artists specializing in hunting scenes, studies of dogs, and still life pictures of fruit and flowers. In 1700 he became the official painter of animals and hunting scenes to the French kings, Louis XIV and Louis XV.

They commissioned him to record royal hunts and their favorite dogs, and he also worked on the decoration of several of the royal houses, including designing tapestries.

Desportes also painted a variety of still lifes and tapestry cartoons and is noted for his landscape studies made directly from nature. He is credited with helping to popularize Flemish art, which was influential in the development of the Rococo style in France.

He died in Paris in 1743. At his death, in Paris, he left a considerable amount of work in his studio (where his nephew Nicolas had trained), which included studies of animals and plants as well. Desportes’ influence on French arts extended almost throughout the century.

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